Luther Movie Review

Although these types of movies aren’t what I normally watch, I was very surprised that I really enjoyed the film. As a high school student, I remember going over the reformation and Luther being a big topic. He was the reason for this schism in the Roman Catholic Church. Reading a history book on this and now watching the movie offered a whole new perspective. Not only was the film able to deliver its overall message, but it was able to do this by really captivating the audience with the passion and devotion Luther reflected towards the reformation. He was a hero like no other, he was able to see the hypocrisy and shameful acts being exerted by the Catholic Church and he revolted. Not only were the priests not preaching what was in accordance to the bible, but they were creating this idea that people could buy indulgences in order to guarantee their acceptance into heaven. Luther saw these flaws in the church and he did not want to keep quiet. He openly challenged his teachers in class and wanted to learn as much as he could so he could be able to teach the people to interpret the bible for themselves. A lot of the problems around this era was that the people in church tried to interpret the bible for its literal meaning. When this is not the case. The bible is up to many interpretations and its words and scriptures aren’t meant to be the literal translation. With that being said, Luther was able to translate the bible to German which was very revolutionary because now it was open for everyone to read. He wanted these sacred texts to be able to be accessible to anyone. All these changes did not come easy for Luther, he encountered a lot of backlash as well as hatred from the church and government. Throughout the film, I was able to see how corrupt things were back then and how people did not think of it this was because it was something that had always been in existence. Now we are very quick to say that “that isn’t right” but it’s because we are living in a society which is open and just, all thanks to people like Martin Luther. He paved the way for the ideals that are in play in our society today. All in all, although I am not very religious, the film did a great job in evoking powerful feelings, making me feel as if I were taking part in the reformation and my frustrations with the church became surreal.


Victoria Echevarria

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