Luther Review By:Lexi Moore

The movie “Luther” is a movie made to show how Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation by his speech in the sixteenth century. Martin Luther is a monk and wanted to create a reformation in the church because of hypocrisy and corruption.

In the beginning of the movie, Luther is giving his vows to become a monk. After Luther’s first mass, he gets in trouble for not taking his mass seriously. His father explained to him that he worked hard for him to be in a high position in the church and it was a chance he never had. His father is mad because he mined for 20 years for him to become this high position and he is not taking it seriously. His father finds it very disrespectful to him and his mother. Luther believes that he is too full of sin to be a priest and he is too full of self-judgement. He explains that he wishes God did not exist and he wishes that he had a God that loves him. The priest helps him get over his self-hatred and tells him to look to Christ to realize that God does love him. He goes to a priest, and is asked to say a name of deceased and relation and is told that his grandfather will be released from Purgatory and let into heaven. Later in the movie, he is told he is being sent to Wittenberg to study. Wittenberg is the source of scriptures. But, Luther explains that he is losing his faith in God and does not understand why people want him to be a preacher. Luther ends up going to Wittenberg to change minds because that is what he has always wanted to do. I think it was a good idea for him to go there. In Wittenberg, he goes to class and questions the professor about having salvation outside of the church. He claims the professor and the teachings could be wrong. I think this is the start of him creating the reformation. He also begins preaching in a church, kind of mimicking the church’s views and picks fun at it. He releases a document on the church wall that was offensive to the people who looked up to the Prince. He was summoned to appear by Rome for excommunication. He got advice to stay kneeling during the trial, but Luther said once he explains himself they will find no fault. The Pope during the trial explained that Luther is in trouble because he was teaching new doctrines and he offended Rome by the indulgences. Luther explains that the Pope is not above sacred scripture, but he does interpret it. The Pope gets mad at him and explains that we are on the brink of war, and right when they were going to create unity he caused confusion. The Pope walked out of the trial angry and said he was not going to argue with Luther. I think that Luther is right about what he is preaching to people, but authorities do not want him teaching those things. In Rome, a riot is going on and many people believe in Luther’s teachings. The Lord demanded Luther a fair trail and his father explained to him that he is splitting the world apart. During the trial, he did not answer the questions and was granted one day to answer the questions. On the second day of the trial, he said that he wanted to explain the faults of the Pope. In the trial he answered no to recanting and everyone was cheering that he is a prophet of God. He left the trial and was hoped to be killed. In the town, people cause tyranny in the towns and Luther was very disappointed, he thinks that the peasants are twisting his words. He feels depressed for causing people to be killed. I think that Luther is a good person and had good intentions t spread the right thing about the faults of the church. At the end of the movie, Luther falls in love a girl and the emperor allowed people to read their confessions of faith. The Prince stood up to the emperor and it pushed for religious freedom and the reformation of the church.

In my life, hearing about how Christians were killing people for believing in another religion really made me think about how hypocritical that was. Killing someone is a sin and if you were trying to spread a religion, why would you commit sin if they did not believe in it. It would be better to try and convert people through time and education in the religion. Also, people were killed for committing sin, but the Bible explains that you are forgiven for your sins and everybody is accepted. During this time, some Catholics were radical and would kill anyone who did not believe in their religion. In today’s time, it reminds me of the Radical Islam’s. Terrorist groups are killing anyone who believes in any other religion, especially Christianity. Even though the Quran clearly states that you should never kill someone. Also, the Quran’s main goal is to bring peace, but that is the exact opposite of what is happening.

This movie was so inspiring to me because Luther had a different point of view of religion and wanted to change the world. He wanted to reform the church and that is exactly what he did, he helped the world create religious freedom and started the Protestant Reformation. Luther was a very smart guy and realized how the churches system was flawed. He brought up valid points and eventually was respected in the church after many long fights.

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