Luther Movie Review by Charles Damon

After watching the movie Luther, I was amused and intrigued at some points throughout the film. These points were some of the key concepts we discussed during our class meetings. One of the most important concepts that struck me was doctrine and change. Luther challenged the Catholic Church in the beginning, which in the end, made him a heretic. His true beliefs were that indulgences were not needed in order to reserve your spot into Heaven and that the townspeople should not live their lives based on the interpretation of the Bible given by the Catholic Church. Luther instead, invited the people to read and understand what the Bible says itself. To adapt and to learn from Holy Book. This upsets the Church since Luther is defying the doctrine of the Church; creating a new doctrine and causing a great rift within the Catholic Church.

Another concept that stood out to me in this film is the idea profane space. The movie began with the Transfiguration of the Body of Christ, which shows sacred relics and the Church. This would be considered Sacred Space since it does connect the people to God. Also, throughout the movie, people bought indulgences in order to reserve their space in Heaven. which could be a sign of profane space, but for the wrong reasons, however. Lastly, the people acted differently around profane space and images. You would see the townspeople who would sleep with prostitutes and but would want to be the holiest of individuals around the Church and sacred relics. In essence, I believe that this movie was very interesting and has helped me understand the concepts we discussed in class much better.

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