Movie Review – Luther

The Priest who defied Rome, the movie tells the story of Martin Luther, one of the actors from Luther were in American horror story and it got my interest. This was the start of how Lutheranism started, Luther went against the Christian religion and priest were using their power for corruption like taking from the poor and giving salvations. Luther was basically questioning the church and the religions for what is the way for the church to take advantage of the people with indulgence that everything will be provided and the dead will be going to heaven by deposits to the church.

Luther went against the priest who used wrong actions to the religion and Luther wasn’t defying it rather he was cleansing it. He increased the worship of god to those that needed salvation and he even defies the ideology that you will go to hell, but he buried a kid who did suicide and blessed him and ripped a paper for the salvation that a lady paid a priest and he protested and the church finally knew of their wrongs and he made a positive impact in the religion thus making Luther an important part in history.


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