Black Robe Review by Charles Damon

The history of how Christians came to America: Black Robe. This film was very interesting and informative. In the movie, a Jesuit Priest traveled to Quebec where he was called to convert the Algonquin natives into Christianity. Something that would seem like an easy task ended up being difficult at some points. There were conflicts from both parties due to the fact that there was an uneasy space between the interpretation of religion, culture, and everyday life. One of the biggest turning points in this movie was the time when one of the voyagers helping out with the ‘Black Robe’, is infatuated with one of the tribe girls and causes an upset within this tribe, since the Lefrogue highly forbids such an interaction. To the eyes of the Indians, the voyager is an enemy.

Throughout the whole trip, the number of fatalities is great because of the difference in ideologies. This shows how a group of individuals will go to great lengths in order to make their beliefs the main and dominant belief within the society. Since the Indians did not care for adopting a new religion, the movie did a great job of portraying them as a savage group of individuals whom wanted to keep their beliefs intertwined within their own tribe, regardless of what these voyagers had in mind to do. In the end, the Hurons ended up converting to Christianity since they believed it would be the only way to “cure the sickness” that was occurring. In essence, I truly enjoyed watching this movie.

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