Black Robe Movie Review

The overview of this movie is that there is a Jesuit priest and he travels to Quebec. The people, at the time, that live there are called the Algonquin natives. The priest is on a mission to convert the Algonquin people into the faith of Christianity. For the priest it seemed like an easy task, to go and convert some people into the christianity faith. But there is a problem because the Algonquin people have a different view on religion and it does not correlate to that of Christianity. They are hard believers so for the priest it will be a very hard task to convert them. For both the priest and the Algonquin people religion was everything so for that change or give up was difficult. But it gets even harder when one of the Priest’s people have a moment with another person from the Algonquin tribe and that makes them enemies.

This causes many injuries and deaths to occur due to their strive for success on both sides. Now, it might seem like death and problems are the only thing in this movie but in the end the natives from Quebec decided to convert because they thought that it would stop a disease that was revolving around them. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to some one else.

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