Martin Luther Movie Review

The movie Luther is a very good movie, in my opinion. It shows how the protestant faith came to be. It shows Luther go through a series of events that finally lead to victory and spreading his belief. This, for me, was a symbolism that people should not give up just because they are told to do so or if the situation gets tough. A lot of the movie shows how corrupt the church was, at the time, and how Luther did not want to keep following corruption. There is a famous quote by him that says “There can be salvation outside the church, but not outside Jesus Christ” and this quote is the backbone of his whole belief in breaking from the church and start depending on faith. This movie also talks about the sacred space. At the time the only sacred space was the church and there could only be salvation from the church. But Luther said that the sacred space can one self with his or her own faith, wherever. He quoted “A church is not something physical but emotional” and that correlates to the connection one should have with the church in their heart. This movie is not just about religion but about how in a time of need there was salvation outside the church, according to Luther.


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