What religion represents to me.


To me this is a representation of religion. I grew up in a household where my parents were believers in God, but not just that. They believed in other things as well. Having been born in Cuba it didn’t seem all that uncommon to me that i was never set with just one belief. So when i see people with religions objects on their rearview mirror i think of my family and how they do not believe in just one religion, but instead in many. To me religion is being able to put your faith in what makes one comfortable and that to me can be many religions. To me religion represents having religions relics all over the house, car and anywhere possible that one wants, because religion represents freedom to believe in what one wants.

One response to “What religion represents to me.

  1. Hey Patricia, this is Isabella. I wanted to know if your last name is Rivero so I can put your grade in. If it is your last name and you have more posts besides this one please let me know.


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