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The other day I noticed that my dad had this little Bible and the image of  Our Lady of Charity (Nuestra Virgen de la Caridad Del Cobre)as key chains. As Cuban I am used to see this images with prayers everywhere, I even have one inside my phone’s cover. Both the mini Bible and the image have a religious meaning, because even if this Bible can not be read due to its size it represents the sacred scripture and also that wherever you go with it you will be in company of the sacred. As for the image, she is the Patroness of Cuba, thus every Cuban that has this image with him/her is because we feel we are being protected against the profane by carrying this image with us, some of us even refer to La Virgen del Cobre as our mother, we ask for her love and protection, the same way a mother would provide both for us. Both items have religious meaning to me, especially because of how I was raised and the culture I grew up with.  DSCN2196

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