The Megan project

IMG_2261             For the Megan project, i chose to post about a somewhat overused and cliché object. I chose to write about A rosary that my grandmother gave me just days before she passed away. This item has significance to me because it is really something that links me to my grandmother and it goes back to her religious roots and foundations. My grandmother was a catholic and genuinely believed in a higher power. I, as a christian believe in the same God however our religions had their differences. A rosary, in many cultures, is seen a religious symbol because it is somewhat like having a piece of god with you at all times. When this object is given to someone it has a huge significance because it is like giving that person protection. In a profane world, this one”sacred” object becomes a smaller version of an axis mundi which gives the owner or wearer comfort and assurance that God is with them at all times. This belief is something that a large number of people share. Even though my grandmother and I shared slightly different beliefs, this embodiment of safety and comfort is something that she believed in and I can understand that.

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