Megan Project


For my Magan Project I will be making a religious approach to the World Baseball Classic. Many may think that a sports related event has little to do with religion. Surprisingly, this event can be used  as a perfectly good analogy for someone who knows nothing of religious studies.

For instance, the time period-every four years-of each series is sacred time, in which the people that feel represented by the countries playing, do whatever they can to attend at least one game. If not, they do whatever they can to watch the game at the comfort of their home. When you hear commercials about it they say “it only happens every four years”, the fact that it is not always here, it is what sets it apart from profane baseball games. To every baseball game there is a universal ritual and rules to follow. The national anthems are sung before each game; the games have 9 innings; teams switch after 3 outs… these rules set order to the event and any change would result in chaos.

Furthermore, the baseball field can be referred to as the sacred space of the event, the axis mundi; only certain people are allowed to be there, the chosen ones, the players. Also, like many religions, the athletic world has scapegoats. Commonly the scapegoat is the coach of the losing team, the person to blame for the loss. This is the face of the team when it comes to press conferences and such, so that he receives any insults and critiques that would’ve otherwise been directed towards the team.

As you can see there is more similarity between the World Baseball Classic and religion than one believed, hope it helped any baseball fans understand a little more about religion.


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