Megan Project (Symbolic Image)

Luis Aular
March 21, 2017

Bracelet Symbolism
To start this writing, I want to explain that this is more than just a colorful bracelet. This bracelet was hand-made by my aunt, who live in Venezuela. She specializes is cultural jewelry such as bracelets, necklace, rings, and many more interesting artifacts. She does this for a living and the unique thing about her product is the uniqueness of it. When I say that, here products are unique, it is because they are hand-crafted but the love, care and effort that go into the making of them is one of a kind.
I have not been to Venezuela in many years, I am 19 years old right now and the last time I went I was 16. She made me that bracelet to remind of my family in Venezuela. She makes them for each cousin and each one has their own meaning. Since I live in the U.S she made it, so whenever I miss my family I look at it and remember them. This is very symbolic for me because I do not take it off for anything. I shower with it, I eat with it and I even sleep with it. This is a constant reminder of how much my family loves me, even if they are in another country.
There is a second meaning, in my interpretation, which is to always be humble. My family in Venezuela, due to the circumstances in the country, are not the richest. They live a simple and humble life. This bracelet is a reminder, as well, to always be humble and compassionate to others. What I mean by that, is that no matter how successful I am in life or rich or whatever, I must always treat people the same and be humble to others because that is the culture that I was taught when I was raised.
I have many other bracelets that are family-related but this one has the most meaning and symbolism towards me. I think that this bracelet, might not be the most expensive one, but it is the most significant one. So to end this writing, I want to conclude by saying that I would never trade this bracelet for anything because to me it is everything.


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