Megan Project

Image-1My symbolic token for the Megan project is a broken saints bracelet made of marble that I have since I was little. This bracelet not only serves as symbol for the catholic religion but it also represents a personal token of luck for me. I received this bracelet about 7 years ago from my grandmother in Cuba in one of my trips to my native country. This bracelet is part of the catholic religion and it is worn to show pride in your religion and beliefs. Nowadays I have also seen several punk artists and teenagers wearing it as part of their “style”. I personally don’t wear it around my wrist because, as you can see it’s broken. The reason I still keep this however, is because my grandmother gave it to me in a time of need to serve as a token for good luck. The year she gave it to me was the first year I had gone back to Cuba since I left when I was four years old, and she recognized how I was struggling to fit in with my family and my cousins because I didn’t act or talk the same way as them. My family plays dominoes competitively and they believed that a little girl like me who didn’t play regularly like them wouldn’t be able to compare. My grandma gave me this bracelet as a good luck charm so that I would win, and to everyone’s surprise even my own it actually served its purpose. Religion and religious symbols can be discovered everywhere. Some people keep it minimal, others hold a deeper connection to their symbols, or others simply wear symbols because it is the “common trend”. I keep this bracelet because it holds a personal connection to my family and their faith, as well as a tender memory of one of my trips to Cuba.


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