Megan Project – Riya Magiya

Photo Mar 26, 9 03 25 PM.jpg

My symbolic token is that yellow sapphire gemstone that I wear as a pendant. I’ve been wearing this as a necklace for more than 5 years. This necklace was given to me by my parents as they believe in astrology and the power of gemstones (healing stones). I can only wear the pendant if its with a golden chain, otherwise it has no worth to it. There are two reasons behind me wearing this necklace, one of them is that it keeps me calm (pun intended) and the other is for luck or more like a sense of belief that everything will work out. My parents told me that I had a very bad temper when I was young, so they got me this necklace, and I do believe that. There have been instances where I feel uneasy without the necklace, not because its not around my neck but more because everything thats happening around me suddenly makes me very irritated for no reason. Therefore I try my best not to take it off. One more rule that I have to follow whilst wearing this pendant is that it needs to be in contact with my skin. I have to make sure that the pendant is not outside of my t-shirt like that in the picture. I am religious but this gemstone has nothing to do with my religion, I guess it’s more of keeping faith in something my parents strongly believe in and just living a life where I can take preventative actions. And this pendant is my preventative action as I do not want to live in an irritated life.


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