False Idols: “God-like” Celebrities

False Idol

            Fairly recently, a life-sized statue of Kanye West was revealed in Hollywood; the statue sparked controversy because it portrays Mr. West in a crucified position with thorns on his head. Kanye is a successful entrepreneur who throughout his lifetime made comparisons between himself and Jesus; he once said if the Bible was to be written in preset day, he would be a major character within it. To some it may seem silly, but Kanye West is just one example of how society consistently depicts celebrities. The media depicts countless celebrities as “God-like” figures that should be worshiped due to their sheer talent or extraordinary amount of wealth. Personally, I find it frightening that the majority of my peers are completely unaware of major issues troubling our nation, yet know all the recent celebrity gossip. The creator of the statue, who remained anonymous, also feels the same way; he explained that the statue was not meant to worship or praise Kanye, rather to mock him as a false idol.

            People spend millions of dollars every year to view their favorite artists or performers for a couple of hours; I must concur, I am guilty of this as well. Attending a concert, sports event, etc. is certainly entertaining and the performers are undoubtedly talented; however, I believe many of us are crossing that dangerous line by putting these performers on a pedestal and viewing them as better than everyone else. How do you feel about the issue?


Written By:

Fernando Lopez


One response to “False Idols: “God-like” Celebrities

  1. I agree. I think it’s ridiculous that celebrities are put on such high pedestals. I also think it’s alarming that there are some fans that become obsessed and go crazy over these celebrities. Unfortunately, there are some people that will do things to themselves to get attention from their “idols.” For example, back in 2013, Justin Beiber fans were cutting themselves in a plea to make him stop smoking weed. That is insane! Those teens were more worried about a young man making “bad” decisions rather than worrying about themselves and improving their own lives.


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