Black Robe // Movie Review

The film “Black Robe”, based on the novel by Brian Moore and directed by Bruce Beresford, takes place primarily under gloomy, gray skies – setting a vividly intense tone for the time period and sequence of events. The film eventfully elaborates and mimics the contacts that took place amongst the North American Indians and Europeans in the mid-17th century. Driven by fervent conviction, confidence and faith in their actions, the Jesuits ignorantly believed that their aggression to convert the Quebec Indians towards the Catholic religion. On the contrary, this colonialism drove the American native inhabitants to the destruction of their existence, rather than their salvation. All due to European settlement, their territorial invasion sparked a divide that would not be recovered from. This movie was very much a representation of modern times and war, where colonies agree to disagree and feed fires based off of blurred lines, violence and apathy.


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