MP picture post #2


This is an artwork from the Perez Art Museum in Miami that I took last week during my first visit. I decided to use this as my second Megan project post because I feel as if this represents people who are religious and spiritual. The artwork says “I can’t go on, I’ll go on” symbolizing how people feel when they are helpless and how they feel once they know they can rise from the negative. This reminds me of a practicing religious person who is feeling down and looks towards god for strength. Many people only find comfort and the purpose to live through what religion offers them. For example, anytime something bad happened in my family like someone got into a car accident, my grandmother used to pray on her knees with the bible. That always gave her the courage to handle bad situations. It conveys a message that we all feel inadequate at moments but what we do to get through it is all that matters like leaving confession at church and feeling cleansed.


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