God on Trial// Movie Review

God on Trial is a television play released in 2008, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. This drama targets one of the most central issues occurred in human existence and is able to demonstrate a real life view of how it actually occurred and took place.  This film sets in a Nazi extermination camp, in which it focuses on imprisoned Jews in Auschwitz who are waiting for their death, but decide to have a trial to see if God is guilty for all the anguish and agony they have to go through. You are able to think about some of the different views and thoughts these men had while arguing for or against God. This film certainly did not disappoint and certainly embedded emotional feelings. Seeing how they divided the men up into two groups, one having the chance to live and the other dying that night, made me stop for a second and be thankful for the life I have. The next day new men were brought to replace those who died the night before. It brings out a real life experience since its mostly discussions between all the men and in my case, I was trying to relate it with my beliefs. All in all, I believe God in trial was filled with realistic dialogues, clear performance, and a very similar setting of where it actually occurred. The active debate with intense arguments from both sides is what truly makes it so interesting. I definitely recommend it!

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