St. Lazarus

St Lazaro

This life-sized statue was purchased by my grandmother shortly after my family arrived to this country from Cuba. At the time, my family did not have much money yet my grandmother decided to pay $1,000 for this statue. When I asked what her reasoning was for purchasing this statue, she decided to tell me the story of Lazarus. The tale describes Lazarus as a follower of Jesus, and brother of Mary and Martha. One day, Lazarus became ill and his sisters pleaded that Jesus attempt to heal him. Upon hearing this, Jesus purposely waited two days and then departed for Lazarus’ village. When Jesus arrived Lazarus was already, and his sisters were upset that Jesus did not come sooner. Jesus told Lazarus’ sisters that whoever believes shall never day; and he later resurrected Lazarus. This is my grandmother’s favorite story and so she keeps the statue as a reminder, not just of Lazarus but of the miracles that have occurred.


Written by: Fernando Lopez


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