“Luther” Review

The film Luther illustrates the life of the 16th century German monk, Martin Luther, who paved the way for the Protestant Reformation. In the beginning of the movie, there was a scene in which Luther was leading his first mass. There was a negative reaction when Luther was clumsy because there were many people there to see him, including his father, and there were many high expectations of him. After his visit to Rome, Luther realized that it was a circus because everyone was blindly worshiping a god that they really knew nothing about. Also, he began to question the authenticity of what he was worshiping and if the church’s intentions were holy.  One of the major issues that led Luther to revolt against the Roman Catholic church was the fact that it was very hypocritical at the time and committed several shameful acts. In other words, the church was taking from the poor and had a corrupt hierarchy. As a student, he challenged his teachers by questioning if people can find salvation outside of the church. (At the time, the only salvation was the church). He was also very passionate and motivated about learning what the bible teaches so that he himself can go out in the public and teach the public how to interpret the sacred text in their own way. Since Luther’s focus was giving people the power to interpret in their own way, the church became outraged because it would affect their status as being the only power in control of teaching what the bible says. Overall, the film was successful in illustrating Luther’s dedication to reform the church and challenge the status quo.

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