God On Trial Movie Review – Cristina Rodriguez

I just had to read a novel called The Complete Maus and it’s about the life of a Jew named Vladek Spiegalman. He talks about his time during World War II and his time in Auschwitz. It was heartbreaking to read and have imagery to what horrible things people were put through. God On Trial brought a religious perspective of the Holocaust. In a place where there could possibly be no hope, how would a group of people lean on God for comfort? A quote that caught my attention, and caused me to scoff, was that being at this camp was testing their faith in God and their religion. It caught me by surprise because that is the same God that inspired Hitler to eradicate Jews. He wanted only Aryan people in the world. No Jews. God is testing Jews but also inspiring Hitler to get rid of them? Since, within the week of reading the book, I couldn’t really take much more of having to look more closely into what really happened in the Holocaust. Religion can only do so much, in my opinion. After a certain point, you have to put matters into your hand. God was not going to save any of them. You have to look out for your own. And even in the situation of being in a holocaust, you have no power and no hope.

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