The Pope Just Threw Shade At Trump In The Classiest Way Possible

Excerpt from the article:

Days after Trump signed a sweeping order dramatically restricting the number of refugees and foreign nationals allowed to enter the United States, Francis called on his flock to pray that the “poor, refugees, and marginalized” would find “welcome and comfort in our communities.” 

Curiously, he mentions “skyscrapers” and “real estate deals” ― two things the president is intimately acquainted with.  

“We live in cities that throw up skyscrapers and shopping centers and strike big real estate deals but they abandon a part of themselves to marginal settlements on the periphery,” he said in the video published on February 2. “The result of this situation is that great sections of the population are excluded and marginalized: without a job, without options, without a way out. Don’t abandon them.”


In this article, Carol Kuruvilla discusses how Pope Francis made a statement in a video that it believed to have been implicitly directed to President Trump in February. Every month, the Pope releases videos through his worldwide prayer network in an effort to encourage Catholics to join him in praying for a specific theme. The theme in February was “welcoming the needy.”

The Vatican’s deputy secretary of state made a statement about the Holy See being concerned with President Trump’s order. The purpose of the video’s theme was to show people everywhere that the Pope is lending out his hand to all refugees and that they may find refuge with him. He is also encouraging his viewers to do the same.

In my opinion, I think that it is important to help the needy regardless of your religious status. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, or atheist, it is important as people to come together and help one another. It is no surprise that the Pope is doing this because that’s what he does. This is what he believes to be part of his duty.

In terms of President Trump’s executive order, I can understand why people are in disbelief or are disappointed. However, it is important to view things with an open mind and look at all sides of every story.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the executive order? Do you support Pope Francis’s position on the issue?


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