Defending Sacred Space

In this article by the Huffington Post, Kim Bellware and Andy Campbell prove that sacred space is a representation of faith for a religious community. Throughout the article, various Jewish cemetery are mentioned to have been attacked and vandalized, invading their sacred space for members of the religious community that have passed away. The  magnified reality of death is ridiculed with vandalization and replaced with messages of persecution for the Jewish community, but they are not alone. Members of the Islamic faith stepped up to defend and support the Jewish community in Chicago and Philadelphia. Muslims like Thyyib Rashid and Salaam Bhatti claim that helping their fellow Jewish members is called for in the Quran. They volunteered to help clean and restore the sacred spaces not only because it is right as a Muslim, but because they can relate to the persecution and destruction of their own mosques and beliefs that have been shamed upon as well in America. Volunteers felt that the attacks were not against Jews or Muslims specifically, but against humanity and basic human rights. Sacred space once again, united a community with compassion and ironically suffering to transform a destruction into a powerful reconstruction.


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