“Luther” review

The movie “Luther” portrays Martin Luther , who later began the Protestant Reformation, as a monk in 16th century. Throughout the movie, Luther battles with the indulgences system and the very hypocritical ways of the Roman Catholic Church. At the beginning of the movie , Luther is sent to Rome in hopes that he will learn and feel more in tune with the ways of the Church. That evidently backfires. Instead , Luther questions the ways of the Church even more , he questions how “pure” the intentions of the Church truly are; especially after witnessing the madness of the indulgences. He decides to challenge the Church’s implications of the Bible on its people and this enrages the Church , because by doing so, Luther was threatening the power of the Roman Catholic Church. By the end of the movie, Luther preaches to the people of Rome his own interpretation of the Bible and makes it available to the commoners. This in turn , helps to establish loyal followers to his Lutheran ways.


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