“God On Trial” Review

God on Trial was a powerful film that questioned God’s motives and challenged whether he was a good god or not. The Jews in the concentration camp were waiting to be sent to the gas chambers to die and so they decided to put God on trial. What led to this was when one of the men began to pray and another man questioned how he could pray in a place with no hope. The arguments that were presented from both sides were valid and authentic. Those who opposed God had a lot of anguish in their hearts and were visibly in pain from being in the position that they were in. However, those who favored God and were defending him, seemed to still have an ounce of hope that everything would be fine. The contrasting views are really what made the film emotional. One side is condemning God and the other is accepting their fate and willing to serve as sacrifices. One point that one man favoring God made was to not allow the Nazis to “take your faith.” These words alone are so powerful because the faith of those men was their identity. The Nazis had taken their belongings, their families, and their freedom. But the only thing that they couldn’t take away from them was their hope and faith. Hope and faith seemed to play important roles in the film. If the men would’ve given those up, then the Nazis would’ve won. By keeping the faith alive, you’re keeping the belief and religion alive. That’s something that I picked up from the film. It touched me and not only made me realize how fortunate I am to live in the country that I do, but it made me realize that no one can ever take your identity. In the last scene, the men began to pray because there was nothing else to do. Names were being called and they were defenseless. The only thing left to do was pray and not give up on your faith because no matter what, it is always a part of you.


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