God on Trial, Movie Review

God on Trial was about Jews in concentration camps that were waiting to be sent to the gas chambers so that they will be killed. At this point, they were blaming god for the misdeeds and questioned his motives and were trying to decide whether or not he is good or bad. One of the men began praying to god, but another man tried to stop him because there was no point in praying in a place where nothing is certain. As a result, everyone began taking sides, one side being that god is punishing them because the did something wrong, and the other side being that they did not believe in him and they were blaming god for their position in the world. Because of the different views that each side were presenting, it made the movie very emotional and heartbreaking. One of the most important parts of the film was that on the side of where they believed in god, they said that as long as their faith and hope are taken away by the Nazis, then their identity is not taken away either. This was a powerful statement because if they were to lose their identity, then they are not human anymore. This caught my attention the most because having an identity means being your own self and if you do not have an identity, then you are nothing. In the ending, the only thing they did was pray and have hope that soon, the madness will end.

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