Gandhi Review

The movie of Gandhi was very powerful and I believe it portrayed the Indian people’s plight and Gandhi’s efforts to end it very well. Gandhi sent his British friend home in the movie because he strongly believed that the Indian people could help and support themselves without British interruption and colonization. He said that he’d rather the Indian people live in misery from their own doing, than live under British rule miserably; this was a very profound message. Gandhi wore long rags of fabric in protest of the fabrics that the British were bringing into India, in order to show that he doesn’t need British made clothing. It was important that the common people recognized the things he was saying because there’s power in numbers and once the people started seeing his points, they were able to escape British ruling. This reflects the human problem because the British oppression of Indian people proved that by trying to fight evil, they were actually becoming evil, thus not effectively serving any purpose.


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