God on Trial Review

God on Trial

God On Trial was the story of the Jewish people that were in concentration camps in Auschwitz, awaiting their fate in the gas chambers. Many of the believers started questioning their faith. Some believed that god was punishing them for something they did, others believed that if god existed, he wouldn’t let them suffer and he therefore didn’t exist or care. The men that were in a bunker before being gassed put god on trial to hold him accountable for the crimes against the Jewish that he had let take place. The men who still believed stated that as long as their faith was not taken away, their identities still remained. This was a powerful thing to say because their faith shaped their culture, traditions and way of living, so as long as it remained, their spirit remained. The men all eventually ended up being gassed in the chamber after finding god guilty. The debate on both sides of their beliefs was very interesting because they all brought up points that really make the watcher think and give an insight into how hopeless and grim these people were feeling.

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