Luther Review

In the film Luther, the story of how Martin Luther became the “Father of the Reformation” is told. The movie begins with Luther leading mass in a Roman Catholic church and being clumsy, which then embarrasses him because he was being counted on to do his best. Luther was sent to Rome to become more in tune with Catholicism but his experiences in the church led to him coming to different realizations and being skeptical of the real motives of the church. Eventually Luther left the church because he believed that the higher-ups were taking advantage of the poor and letting them blindly follow a god whose doctrine they couldn’t even understand. He saw that the church was indulging in the people’s money and possessions to the church and challenged it by saying that the church isn’t the only way to salvation and that they didn’t have to give up their money to go to heaven. Luther taught the people to read the bible for themselves to understand it truly in their own ways, instead of following misleading priests. This upset the church because it took power away from them. He revolutionized the way people view god and forgiveness. The most notable example of this is the fact that he buried a boy who had committed suicide; the people were taught that suicide is a sin so this was very different. He overall challenged the hypocrisy of the catholic church and taught the people how to translate the texts that were being used against them.


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