Megan Project

megan projectFor my Megan Project I decided to use this storage box as my object of significant meaning. My mom got me this box only a few months ago but it signifies a short journey we took a few years ago. Since I was a child I expressed my dislike for the Catholic beliefs my parents pretty much forced on my sister and I. As I grew older, I started expressing dislike for religion overall. I just couldn’t find anything that made sense to me. When I was 16, my mom started practicing yoga and enhancing her spirituality. She knew I disagreed with religion but insisted that I come to this spiritual retreat in Tennessee with her that was accepting of people who believed in everything and nothing, There I met Sahdguru and had the most spiritual experience of my life. My way of thinking was permanently altered after that experience and even though I still don’t support religion, that was the first time something made sense to me and I started thinking of spirituality very differently. Anyway, my mom got me this box to remind me of the experience since I haven’t been able to go again. It’s handcrafted in India, which is where Sahdguru is from and pretty much the whole world is on the box which kind of reminds me of all the people I met from around the world gathered in a remote temple in Tennessee. It’s peace.


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