Religious Article: The Colorado Shooter and the Problem of Evil


Published back in 2012, editor and author Reed Hall intertwines the Problem of Evil and theological euthanasia with the Colorado shooting incident on the premiere debut of “The Dark Knight Rises”. The article goes into details about the facts to explain the situation and then goes on to talk about existential concepts about the ontology of evil and its being, along with “moral” evil and the logical argument used for the problem of evil, stating that 1.) God is all powerful and omnibenevolent, 2.) Because he is all powerful, he would not let evil exist in the world, 3.) Evil exists in the world, 4.) (Therefore) God is not all powerful or omnibenevolent. He claims “Philosophy of religion, as a sub-discipline within that field, specializes in applying critical thinking to religious concepts and claims, to see whether they are logically coherent and able to withstand critical scrutiny and rigorous logical analysis.” Reed delves into the discussion and debate that philosophers and theologians always argue about, and that concept is the problem of evil. One of the large questions that both theology and philosophy of religion still wrestle with is known as “the problem of evil.” Why is evil a philosophical or a theological problem? Reed responds to his own question by talking about if God as a concept is logical enough for us to understand, and if he can truly be all knowing and all powerful and kind, while also letting evil in this world reign free. This argument has been debated for centuries, and will continue to be debated by theologians and logicians alike.


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