Black Robe Movie Review

This movie is about the “Black Robe” trying to convert an Indian tribe in Quebec to becoming catholic. Father LaForgue and Daniel set out on this mission to convert these “savages”. The Indians weren’t too happy with them being there. While trying to convert these people, Father LaForgue realizes how much different these Indians are from the civilized French. During this time Daniel (the helper) falls in love with an Indian girl. This creates a lot of tension because Father LaForgue doesn’t agree with it and the Indians aren’t happy with the response of the relationship. The Indians debate whether they should kill the black robes but decide to find a sorcerer to help them decide what to do. The Indians say that Father LaForgue is stealing their spirt after catching him praying over a child. After attempting to take the Black robes to the Huron mission, they get attacked by another tribe making them become prisoners if they didn’t die from the initial attack. These Algonquin Indians eventually converted to Catholicism because they were tired of the torture and ready for it to end.

I personally have never understood why people feel the need to push their religion on another group of people. You are invading their home and sacred space and disrupting it to push something you believe. I feel as if it is selfish to a point.


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