Luther Movie Review

This movie is about a new monk named Luther who after being clumsy and spilling the water in his first mass he feels like giving up. He is later sent to Rome to continue to practice his religion. When there he realizes how much of a negative thing Rome is. They are only wanting money and he feels as if it is wrong. Luther was a student that questioned many things and believed that there were other interpretations of what Rome was portraying. Luther encourages the people of Rome to not just listen to what the church has to say about the bible but really understand the meaning of the bible. He brings out his own interpretation which goes against the church. He then translates his interpretation to German because he believes all should here the message. His thesis is turned to books. When at his hearing, he doesn’t say what he was told about revoking all his writings and he is told that all his books are to be burnt and he shall be excommunicated. Because of his large following not much could be done about his interpretations.

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