“Black Robe” by Joseph Rodriguez

The film “Black Robe” takes place in Quebec, Canada in around the 1600’s. In the film Father Laforgue takes a mission trip to present day Quebec in hopes of converting the local Algonquin Indian tribe to Christianity. On this mission trip Laforgue takes a young man along with him named Daniel to assist with converting “savages”. Once there the Indians show their disapproval of Laforgue, while Laforgue is also realizing how different their culture is compared to his own and how difficult this conversion of the Indians will be. While this is happening Laforgues assistant, Daniel falls in love with a local Indian girl. This causes major issues between the tribe and Laforgue. The Indians are very displeased at the young girl’s decision. And Laforgue can believe that Daniel would fall in love with a local Indian. In this mess the Indians ponder the idea of killing the “black robes” because they claim the black robes are stealing and destroying the Indians spirit. The Indians decide to steal the Black robes from Laforgue and Daniel, while stealing the robes the Indians are taken under siege by another group of Indians and it turns into a gory battle. Any survivors were taken as prisoners to the attacking group of Indians, the survivors were horribly tortured. To end off the film the Indians end up being converted to Christianity. This movie really frightened me on how times used to be. All the death and issues that arose from religious beliefs. In my opinion everyone believes that their own religion is the correct one so why force yours upon someone else that is just as passionate about their religion. It was a good movie all in all but it really made me ashamed at how people of my religion behaved when it came to conversion.



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