Black Robe Movie Review

The movie Black Robe is about a Catholic, Father LaForgue, accompanied by a boy named Daniel,  who traveled to Quebec in hopes of converting the Indians there into Catholics because they were savages. The Indians weren’t too fond of this and decided to retaliate against them. While there Father LaForgue noticed that these Indians were nothing like the civilized French that they know. At the time, Daniel had fallen in love with an Indian girl which stirred great tension because neither the Father nor the Indian tribe liked this idea. The tribe decided to kill the black robes and wanted a sorcerer to help them in doing so. They had stumbled upon Father LaForgue prayer over a child and thought that he was stealing their spirit which made them very angry. While attempting to take the black robes to the Huron mission, they were attacked by another tribe who made them prisoners if they did not die from the attack. After tired of being tortured, the Algonquin Indians decided that to convert to Catholicism.


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