The movie Luther is a story mainly about a monk. Once a monk, Luther traveled to Rome where he was able to further is knowledge and educate other about religion. While there, he stumbled upon personal issues dealing with the hypocrisy of in Roman Catholic Church, and the fact of how money hungry the church can be. This urged him to begin questioning his religious ways. After not being able to take it any more, Luther began to challenge the Roman Catholic Church and teach his very own interpretation of the scriptures. There were disagreements on his interpretations and so he got in trouble for going against the church. As punishment his books were burned but this did not stop Luther at all, in fact it made him thrive even more. In turn this brought about the Lutheran sector of the Catholic religion.


Why was there a negative reaction when Luther was clumsy during his first mass?

-because it was out of the norm.


What does Luther realize after his visit to Rome? Why is Rome a “circus”?

-he realizes that the ROC was not all that he thought it would be . Rome was considered a circus because he witnessed things that were unorthodox.

How was the symbolism of saints and indulgences corrupted?

-they were told that they had to pay their way to God rather than learning the proper to become a catholic.


What kind of student was Luther?

-he was a true man who believed in the word of the bible with such passion, and saw the good in people.


How are indulgences a comfort for people?

-no matter how many times you sinned, you could always pay for it and it’ll go away.


What is the worst punishment that the Catholic Church can impart to its members?



What effect did his message have on the people of the time?

-they couldn’t read so once they were told what was actually said a revolt took place.


Why can’t a suicidal person be buried in the cemetery?

-because suicide is one of the worst sins a person could commit.


How does Luther find the “merciful” and loving God he was looking for?

-by reading the scripture and realizing that he was not how the ROC was portraying him to be.


Why are indulgences important for the Church?

-it brought in great amounts of revenue for the church.


Why was it so dangerous to write the Bible in German?

-because it was a common vernacular so the ROC couldn’t brainwash the people anymore and they would be able to understand what it is saying.


What does Spalatin mean when he tells Luther “Welcome to the world of politics”?

-he means that back then the church was the center of both law and religion.


What are the pros and cons of one universal leader deciding what is beneficial for the Church?

-I personally think there are mostly cons because after awhile people get tired of the same person leading the church after so many years.


Why was it so important that Luther revoked his writings?

-it ceased the momentum of the revolt against the church


Why was it so important for Luther and for the church, orthodoxy (right belief) or orthopraxy (correct practice or conduct)?

-orthtodoxy was more important to Luther, where as orthopraxy was more important to the church.


What is the source of religious authority for Luther?



How does ritual serve as a form of catharsis?

-rituals serve as a sense of relaxation.


Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against?

-the right to interpret the bible however one chooses.


Why was Luther excommunicated?

-because he went against the Roman Catholic Church.


What are some consequences of Luther’s new interpretation?

-excommunication and burning his books.


Why did Luther write his 95 theses?

-to write to people that not only deeds or money would get them salvation, but faith.


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