MP by Joseph Rodriguez

This image means a lot to me. It’s a card of psalm 23:4, this means so much to me because it’s a prayer that my mother and I pray every single morning when we wake up and go to school, it’s a prayer that backwards is my birthday april 23 (4:23). It was the first verse I memorized during my communion classes and it’s the verse my grandmother had written on her tombstone when she passed away this February.  Not only does this passage have a meaning with me because of its numbers but also because of what it says. I interpret it as not being able to do life alone and not having fear because no matter what there is a plan for me. When I used to play soccer my mother would by me a new card or photo with Psalm 23:4 on it for every trip I had and when I moved away for college I kept this psalm very close to my heart. So it truly means the world to me. As I sat down wondering what to write about I looked up at my desk and saw about 3 of these cards posted throughout my room so this was an easy choice.unnamed


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