God On Trial

The Jews who put God on trial were well-educated men. Their Charge against God was whether he had broken the covenant. Four different theodicies discussed in this film are suffering as recompense for sin, suffering as a test and a necessary condition of “soul- making,” theodicy of submission, and a theodicy of protest. They found God guilty of breaking the covenant. The problem with free will is that people start to question their faith and if God is even real or allowed to break the covenant. He doesn’t have to follow any rules and therefore when it doesn’t go peoples way they tend to blame God. Faith was not just a matter of spiritual connection but a matter of dignity because the Nazis had taken everything and all they could hold on to was their faith. it was the last part of their identity left. This was not the first time the Jews put God on trial, it had happened time and time again in the past. After the verdict, the Nazis start calling on men again and all they can do is pray. It’s important to put God on trial so we can test ourselves on what we truly believe the things we believe or not.

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