Luther had a slow start for me and gave me a little difficulty to get into it but once it started picking up then I was able to be all in. At the beginning of the movie it shows Luther leading his first mass and it had a negative reaction because he was being clumsy with something sacred in which some found disrespectful. His father had also come to visit to see his son lead the mass in hopes of being able to say he was proud to be his father and what seemed like a series of mishaps and let downs. But he couldn’t even make his father proud. Luther was really hard on himself and questioning why God wanted to punish him so badly, one of his elders sent him to deliver a message to Rome. After his visit to Rome he realized that it was a circus. He sees the holy personnel sleeping with prostitutes, people paying their way and others’ way to heaven. He sees it more as a business than a sacred space to get closer to God. Rome becomes a circus where people seem to blindly worship someone and something they knew nothing about and can purchase their dreams and fantasies. His lawyer-like thoughts start to question normative rules and starts to reinterpret his religion. Symbolism of saints and indulgences were corrupted because it turned into a business. In order to get closer to the saints, see and touch the indulgences they had to give money to guarantee their absolution of sins and one step closer to heaven. They are finding a loop hole in avoiding to commit the good deeds and services for mankind. The poor that refused to eat in order to send a loved one through the gates of heaven because thats how the church convinced them was the way to being most christ like. Luther was very studious, he went to college and finished law school so he thought like a lawyer after joining the brotherhood. He read the sacred scripture in a more literal (lawyer-like) sense and it made him question the information that was being taught to him. Asking questions that were never thought to be questioned such as if people could find salvation outside of the church. Indulgences are a comfort for people because it gave them something tangible to be able and ‘see to believe’ in their faith versus just blindly having faith to something unknown. After Luther questioned and protested the church they excommunicated him. Excommunication is the worst punishment because after being prohibited from their safe sacred space they no longer have anywhere to turn to. His message was varied at the beginning because it was something they didn’t know about nor knew how to handle. People were confused, scared, and didn’t want to believe him. Someone contradicting the majority made people afraid they he may have just been crazy. After he translated the Bible to a language the common people can understand everyone had the right to interpret the sacred scripture in their own way. A suicidal person was not able to be buried in the cemetery because it was considered a sin to take away the most sacred thing human beings had and therefore not allowed to enter the gates of heaven. He finds the “merciful” and loving God he was looking for by having faith and challenging what was being interpreted instead of what having faith and worshipping in God was really meant to be about. Indulgences are important to the church because that is how they make their money and stay in control. It was dangerous to write the Bible in German because it gives the opportunity to have every one read it and interpret it themselves as well as see if the higher holy personnel was actually being honest to the rest of society. Politics have everything to do with the church. A priest cannot question or contradict the bishop or much less the pope. It is like a hierarchy that cannot be challenged. Some pros of a universal leader deciding what is beneficial is that the Lord’s word does not get lost in translation and there is more unity and repetition especially in rituals throughout the Church. Some cons of a universal leader deciding what is beneficial is that the Lord’s word gets translated through only one biased individual instead of a mutual understanding of several people, there was no division of power and that doesn’t give anyone a fair trial. It is important because it showed than people can’t just undermine the Church’s authority. Luther believed that orthodoxy was more important, that is why he translated the Bible for everyone to be able to interpret themselves and give them the control of having the right belief. The church believed that orthopraxy was more important because it allowed the people to continue the tradition and practice of paying of the indulgences and saints prayers to keep the church wealthy. God and Jesus Christ is the source of religion authority for Luther. Ritual serves as a form of catharsis because it is something that is repeated within the same person, or down generations and is done so monotonously that people just act without even thinking, questioning or trying to understand the true reason of the ritual. Luther was protesting for the freedom of sacred scripture interpretation, the corruption within the church, and the true integrity of faith amongst all Christians, holy persons or common people. Luther was excommunicated because he fought and contradicted the Catholic Church and the head of the church which is an unforgivable offense. Luther became excommunicated as a consequence of Luther’s new interpretation of the Bible. Luther wrote his 95 thesis so that everyone could see what he was challenging and why he believed it to be true.


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