Megan Project- Jenna Apisdorf

For my submissions, I have chosen two pictures that were on my phone from a few months ago that I would like to expand upon because I saw some religious symbolism in them.

For the first picture, a powerful storm is brewing over my neighborhood. The religious symbolism I saw in this picture was that even when people think they are safe in their homes and protected, the forces of nature, or God in this case, still has a presence and effect on them.  Despite how much humans have adapted to modern life, we cannot escape nature and powers beyond our control.

The second picture has a bit of a darker tone to it. While I was driving to work a few months ago, I noticed this sign in plain sight attached to a pole. If you don’t know, it is a sex trafficking scam. You can tell because the sign asks for students (young people) and says you can earn a lot of money, but doesn’t specify a company name. I chose this picture to show that even though God has been a powerful presence for many, evil still lurks in the world. This picture is mostly a harmful view on God, and questions if they even exist when things like this can happen.

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