Black Robe Movie Review

I found Black Robe to be such a fascinating movie in the historical and truthful aspect it portrayed throughout the film. The film was able to shine light on a vague topic and expand my understanding by following another perspective different from my own. They also do an impressive job on showing a vivid depiction of the natives’ actions and their culture as well as depicting the nature and culture around them. Throughout the film the native Americans are challenged with the option to convert to Christianity. Ironically though, both sides show great spiritual pride in their beliefs which leads both sides to clash with each other rather than take the time to understand one another.

As the film progresses Daniel begins to question Laforgue about religion as well as his beliefs, but Laforgue continues to stick beside his faith and attempt to persuade the “savages”. However, later being tortured and exposed to the brutality of the hostile Iroquois, this allows him to love and empathize the people he once tried diligently to convert. Sadly though after reaching the Huron settlement in a desperate attempt of being saved the natives ask that he convert them, but the people would be killed years later by their enemies the Iroquois. All in all, the film was both entertaining and educational not only broadening my perspective on the subject, but allowing me witness a side I’d never known and one I’d been lacking to understand.

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