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The Priests were involved in the enterprise of colonization because at that time Catholicism’s role involved a priest making the land or a place sacred and holy for people to live.

The colonizers sacralize the “New World” by taking a building and placing a symbol that represents their religion. In the movie Black Robe they placed a cross on a building which represents that the building is scared. At the end of the movie, Black Robe recognized that the building was sacred as he identified the symbolism of the cross in the snow and the hanging picture of Jesus as he entered the building.

There is an epic difference between the power and knowledge in both religions.  In the religion Christianity, people believe in the power of God; which is why the Black Robe would reference the power of God throughout the movie. The Black Robe used the power of reading to share his knowledge with the Natives. Unlike Christianity, the Natives seek their power through nature. For example, when the sky turned gloomy and the wind was at high speed, the Natives believed this was a sign from their God to tell them he was angry. Also the Natives believe in the power of dreams; thinking that what they dream is suppose to become their reality.

Father LaForgue and Daniel views differ concerning the Natives and their beliefs by Father LaForgue displaying that he didn’t have 100% trust in the Natives. He was very watchful over them and said to Daniel “they will keep taking until there is nothing else to take”. This is when Daniel stepped in and said “No Father, they unite together and are very forgiving. They are used to always sharing”. Daniel was open minded and saw the kindness of the Natives hearts. The Natives always saw Father LaForgue as a demon, which displayed conflict between the two throughout the movie.

It is so important for Father LaForgue to convert the Natives because he want to spread the word of his God amongst all people. He was very closed minded, so he only believed in his religion only. Father LaForgue wanted everyone to be apart of Christianity.

The consequences that the Natives believed they would face after their conversion to Christianity was death and shame to their tribe. In one of the movie scenes, a Native was dying and Father LaForgue tried to convert him before his death to believe in the God of Christianity, but the Native chose to die with his own beliefs. This shows that the Natives were set on their own beliefs with their religion.

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