Black Robe- Film Review 

This story was about a priest named Father LaForgue, dubbed the BlackRobe, going on a journey with the young and impressionable Daniel to attempt to convert the natives to Christianity, so that they may be permitted to enter “Paradise” when they perish. The journey quickly becomes rocky, as the French and the Natives squabble over their differences, religion being the prime focus. As tensions grow, the Natives come to the conclusion that Father LaForgue is a demon and eventually abandon, and try to abandon, Father LaForgue and Daniel. One of the most fascinating factors about this film was the distinction between the Natives and the French; they both appear to despise one another without actually knowing that much about each other, and yet they share a similar devotion to their respective religions, subtly suggesting that maybe the two groups aren’t as different from each other as they would like to be. At the conclusion of the film, after being brutalized and captured by the Iroquois, we see Father LaForgue confess his love to the Natives, the people he once considered savages, and baptizes them to cement the bonds of love between them. Unfortunately, the peace was eventually lost, as it is revealed that after a mere 15 years, the Natives were killed by the Iroquois. Despite the poignant ending, I found this film to be quite uplifting; it showed me how far faith can truly take someone and how it can change us for the better, as well as showing that the power of unity and love is a force to be reckoned with.


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