Black Robe Movie Review

The Black Robe movie was very interesting from a historic point of view. I like the fact of how both sides  were displayed without being bias. At the beginning the French were guided by the Hurons on the Jesuit Mission to colonize the new world. Instead of sending soldiers or equipment to colonize Father Laforgue a priest was sent on this mission with Daniel representing the French. They had  to convert the Native because once a religion was stablished a culture would arise and the principles of that religion would become a life style. But the Native had their own beliefs and customs they believed that their dreams or dead spirits   would guide them through the mission and father Laforgue believed in his god as guidance. The Native think of the priest as “evil ” and of Daniel as someone who was not going to be able to “provide for Annuka. Father Laforgue thinks of the Natives as “savages, and ignorant” . The Native do not know how to read or write, when Father Laforgue shows them he know’s how to read and write, they are amazed but soon after become more aware that he is definitely “evil” because of their lack of knowledge. The french had intellectual knowledge but the Native had more knowledge about the forest and how to navigate around it. When Father Laforgue got lost in the forest his lack of knowledge about where he was made him believe that the forest  was evil. On the other hand father Laforgue is always with his Holy book and since the Native do not know what it is or understand what it says they believe it’s “bad”. The relationship between knowledge and power in both religion are very noticeable. the more knowledge the more power when father Laforgue was lost in the forest he showed dependence on the Native. Throughout the movie I can see how Daniel’s character was changing because he wasn’t sure anymore about becoming a priest after the colonization. Once he falls in love to Annuka he starts believing more in the Natives beliefs than his own. Daniel also starts following their customs, he eventually questions his own religion to father Laforgue. The Native end up showing more humanity than father Laforgue, the Native shared, and were always together. Father Laforgue didn’t want to share the Tabaco. For the Native killing for food, and fighting was a way of survival. For father Laforgue Hi Holy Book is his way to survival and he takes it everywhere he went. Finally, this movie shows how religion plays a very important role in society today and many years ago.

Erika Caro

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