I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie “Black Robe” because I found it to shed a lot of light on a time that I know little to nothing about. The movie explained how the Europeans came into the new world and attempted to take control over the Indians. Faith and what a person believes in are two very important aspects of one’s life. The Europeans tried to convert the indigenous people to Christianity, and the people didn’t want to accept that. Every person has a right to their own beliefs, however some people just can’t understand that concept.  Laforgue and Daniel had opposing views. Father Laforgue wanted to civilize the natives by teaching them how to write, and teaching them how to question and plan things. The natives lived in the present, they took it day by day. Unfortunately, Father Laforgue did not like that. The Black Robe was a great recreation of a turbulent period in Canadian history. I personally thought that this film was very informative, it was also interesting to me to see how unaccepting people were back then.

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