Wovoka’s vision was that the white men would eventually disappear and the native Americans would be free. The purpose of the Ghost dance was the same as with other tribes of Native American Religions which is  to bring back the spirits of the dead and have them roam around the living. This dance caused the massacre when the white men notice the intentions of the dance and the desire of the Native Americans that the white men disappeared.

The Indian concept of land is different from the European concept in many ways. The Indians view the land as if it is alive, they have a lot of respect for it and see it as a sacred. On the other hand the Europeans concept of land is the opposite, they see the land as a source of income where they can mine the minerals from it, or use it to build.

Because Col. Nelson Miles is a white man he was very dismissive of the Indian narrative because he did not agree with their believes. Changing the Indian name for a “white name”

means a change in culture, leaving the Indian culture behind and eventually extinct. If the “white name” is a Christian name that would mean a person is leaving their religious believes behind as well. For the Indians becoming civilized was to change their name to a “white name” and assimilate to a new culture. Sitting Bull’s interpretation of the verse was that the white men were not allowing them to multiply, instead they were killing them, and so they were not doing what the bible says, so they were not following their religion, but instead their own hate for the Indians. In my opinion, wounded knee represents the place of the massacre where all the Indians got killed and wounded their knees as they ran and fell.

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