IMG-0736 (1)I chose to take a picture of my old bracelet that my grandmother gave me when I  was a child. In the picture you see the wooden beads, which are kinda of beat up and peeling a bit. You also see the metal bead which has faired up better than the wooden beads. This comparison reminds me of religion and both the good and bad aspects and the ways religion was used in terms of treating others. Religion used to be a tool for oppression. We saw it used for this purpose with African Americans, Native Americans, and more currently we have seen it used for Muslims. But much like the wooden beads fading away, this way of using religion has been fading away as well, This idea of “religious superiority” has been fading away. This use of it is no longer as popular as it once was and it continuously getting weaker and weaker. On the other hand the metal beads represent the good in religion. The part that teaches us to care for one another, to treat others with the same respect as we wish they would to us. And although this was not the popular approach to religion back in the day, it was still around and currently still is, and getting more popular if  I might add. So this bracelet represents how the bad aspects and the way it was to used for oppression has been fading away (the wooden beads) while the good aspects and the way it was and is used to treat others with kindness and love has endured the times (the metal beads).

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