Black Robe Review

Watching the movie Black Robe truly opened my eyes to other perspectives on religion and history that I hadn’t previously thought about. To begin with I had never put much thought into the fact that religious conversions used to play such an integral part in colonizing land. Watching the Frenchman make such strong assumptions towards the Indians was so heartbreaking. They immediately started referring to the Indians as savages, solely based on the fact that they were so different from what they were used to. On the other hand, The Indians saw the French as demons. To me this type of name calling and stereotyping is something that still happens to this day and was represented very well in the film.

My favorite part of the movie was watching the evolution of Daniels opinions on religion and the people that practiced each one. Although he started the film as a hardcore Christian and came to the land with the Frenchmen, he was very open minded. Father LaForgue did not feel the same way and felt that he had to show the Indians how to read and write in order to get them to accept their people as well as their christianity. Daniel, however did not feel such a strong sense of needing to change the native people that inhabited the land that they invaded. He ended up being very open minded towards both religions towards the end.

I personally feel like the film was an excellent representation of what happens when two entirely different cultures and religions attempt to coexist. I think something can be learned from the different ways that the characters in the film handled the situation.

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