Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

The movie starts with the Sioux winning the battle against General Custer . dfdf at Little Big Horn from then the movie changes its perspective to different characters mainly Sitting Bull, Né Ohiyesa/Charles Eastman, and Henry Dawes. This allows you to see the different perspectives and obstacles that characterized this tragic event in history. The perspective of Né Ohiyesa or Dr. Charles Eastman is that of the duality of his upbringing. He is still that little Sioux boy that revels in the honor of the acquisition of his feather and the depth of meaning, and love of his heritage, that that feather brings him. However, he has been changed forever by his up bring in a school which forces him to change himself into an image that is “civilized” and “respectable”. Thought the movie you see him fraught by this struggles between his heritage and who the government wants him to be. Sitting Bull while very stubborn and slightly vain shows himself to have heart and a profound love for his people; this is what made him an icon in the eyes of his people even after his death. Henry Dawes as good and pure as his intentions might be is a patronizing man who cannot see the pain he and his country have brought to the Sioux and many other native tribes. In the end of this film the massacre of wounded knee takes place, changing the lives of everyone involved. It is a disgusting testament to the travesties the United States has committed against Native Americans.

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