Megan Project #1


For my Megan Project, I chose a picture of my dog, Simba. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago in my house as I was admiring my dog’s beauty. Looking at this picture, I started to wonder if my dog could be seen as a religious symbol and it turns out he was seen as a religious symbol in many religions. For us dogs are seen as mankind’s best friend and dogs may see us as gods. The religious symbolism I saw in this picture was that we could try to have one of the purest minds and always do the right things in life, just like dogs, but we may still not end up where we want to be in the end. In Christianity, those who believe in God will have eternal life. Although there is a religious conflict whether dogs go to heaven or not, we as humans do not know 100% where we will end up either. We might as well enjoy life while we still have one.

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